Featured Artist: Barbie Brown Reichenbacher


Barbie is a self-taught artist who has been painting for 20 years. Primarily an acrylic artist, Barbie enjoys painting on multiple surfaces, including rocks, wood, sawblades, candles, and most recently, a buffalo skull! She enjoys painting animals and birds and has most recently been experimenting with painting landscapes. “Everyone needs something they are passionate about, and for me that is painting,” says Barbie.

Barbie donates 50% from the sales of her paintings to pediatric brain cancer research in memory of her daughter, Shandy.

Barbie has multiple paintings available for purchase in our gift shop. 

Our Local Artists and Authors

The Galloway Station Museum is proud to display an amazing collection from many of our talented local artists. Selections of their work is available for purchase in our gift shop.

Meta Bachman


Meta has been a potter since 1981, commencing her training with the Edson Craft Centre Pottery Class, supplementing her knowledge with additional workshops and courses in wheel-throwing, free form, glazing and decorating techniques. Meta’s wheel-thrown pottery and interesting free-form functional ware feature her rich gloss and matte glazes in varying earth-tones.

Items of Meta’s for sale in the gift shop include dinnerware, mugs, business card holders and more!

Beryl M. Bainbridge


Beryl M. Bainbridge was born in Birmingham, England, and emigrated to Australia then Canada. A retired teacher, she is inspired by nature, French Impressionism, and her Dad. An artist from childhood, Beryl has used many different mediums. She prefers watercolour, textural acrylics and soapstone, but also uses pen and ink, oils, and limestone. Her education includes art teacher training in the City of Worcester, U.K., a B. Ed. From the UofA, and training at the Art Student’s League of New York City. She has attended workshops in printmaking, collage, encaustic, and surface explorations. Her work has been showcased in local galleries and shows and in 2012, her pieces were commissioned to Yellowhead County for the Rotary Arts Festival.

Beryl has her art piece ‘Yellowhead County Flower Bunchberry’ for sale in the giftshop. All proceeds from the sale go to the Edson Creative Arts Society.


Audrey Bell

Jerry Berthlette - Great Bear Originals 

A Metis and contemporary nature artist, Jerry Berthelette has been creating art for 60 years. Currently a resident of Shining Bank, AB, he has also lived in Manitoba, British Columbia, and other locations in Alberta. His “Circle of Life” series was featured on CBC French TV and Radio, and he juried a show at PAVA Edmonton. He has instructed Silk Screen courses at NAIT, and at Havana, Cuba. Jerry has attended courses at the French Gallery Edmonton with Jane Ash Poitras. Although he prefers acrylic, he also enjoys watercolour, pen and ink, silk screen and oils. Known for his depictions of ravens and buffalo, his pieces tell personal stories of his Metis heritage and what most inspires him; history, family, and the ”Circle of Life” .

Jerry has numerous mixed media paintings in the gift shop, some for display only and others for sale!

Cyndy Boyce


Cyndy has commenced her clay experience through several of the Edson Craft Centre programs, ranging from wheel-throwing to hand-building techniques. She is an active member of the Edson Craft Centre, participating in the instruction of the children’s pottery classes and in the administration of the Centre. Cyndy enjoys perfecting her wheel-throwing techniques and experimenting with free-form clay. She has been developing variety in the colour palette of her glazes.

Items of Cyndy’s for sale in the gift shop include dip-sets, pots and other forms of dishware!


Sonja Boyce


Over the past 30 years of having worked through realism in several mediums including pencil, charcoal, watercolour, pastel and acrylic, Sonja is currently in interpretive mode and comfortably working in combinations of mixed media, collage, acrylics and printmaking.

The potential for experiments from which a happy accident may arise is a great motivator for her as well as envisioning the possibilities of what, initially, may not be apparent.

Sonja is captivated by colour-combinations, shapes and symbolism with the ultimate goal of good craftsmanship.

Sonja currently is selling her mixed media wall art for sale in the gift shop.


Barbie Brown


Primarily an acrylic artist, Barb has been painting for 20 years. Her love of nature and gardening inspires her to paint birds and landscapes, and most recently she has begun painting with a more spiritual theme: Angels. Barb has taken some tole painting courses, but otherwise is a self-taught artist. She donates 50% from the sales of her paintings to The Brain Tumor Foundation in memory of her daughter Shandy.

Barbie has wall paintings for sale in the gift shop.

Jayne Buchwald

Julian Buchwald


Over the years, Julian has established himself as a respected photographer whose energy and effort is appreciated by all. Although Julian resides in Edson, he has traveled extensively, which is reflected in his photography.

Julian has photographic prints on canvas for sale in the gift shop.

Visit Julian’s site at


Michelle Buchwald - MB Photography


Shelly Curtis


Val Dearden - Generation Creation

Linda Derksen

Lara Felsing

​Lara Felsing is a graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver, BC. She earned a BFA in painting and drawing, as well as a fashion design diploma from the Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design. Currently, alongside painting, pottery and handcrafting organic soaps, Lara can be found photographing portraits and writing blog posts for her website

Janice Foisy


Cheryle Gurnsey


Kevin Halsall - Spyder Prints

Lorraine Hanson


With 30 years of experience making pottery, Lorraine is a member of the Edson Craft Centre. She has mainly done functional pottery but has recently ventured into making dragons and incense burners. She also makes agateware jewelry with stained clays.

Lorraine has an assortment of pottery and necklaces made of agate for sale in the gift shop.


Coleen Hawkins


Sharon Hemmerling


A native Edsonite, Sharon Hemmerling’s talent for creativity began in childhood, when she would make crafts with her mother. Oil and acrylics are her preferred mediums, and she also uses watercolour, pen and rouge. Pictures, calendars and other artists inspire her creative spirit. As a retired Health Records Technician, Sharon enjoys spending her time painting, as well as cross-stitching, crocheting, working with mixed media, and beading. Through art workshops with instructors such as Willie Wong, Frank Haddock, and several others, she has honed her artistic abilities to become the skilled landscape and still life artist that she is today.

Sharon has her painting of Pine Grove School for sale in the gift shop. All proceeds from the sale go to the Edson Creative Arts Society.

Callie Hermanson


Kathy Hicks

Katherine Hicks was born in Coaldale, Alberta to immigrant Hungarian parents who escaped during the Russian invasion,

and arrived in Canada just in time (2 months) to see their first generation Canadian daughter born.  They moved East, taking their young family to be raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


After many travels and moving back west to her roots, Katherine met and married Edsonite, Ted Hicks. They raised four wonderful children together, and now are enjoying their grandchildren. Once all the children attended school fulltime, she began working as an Educational Assistant, specializing in Sign Language Transliteration, which she continues to the present.


Art has always played a special role in Katherine’s life starting with oils, then watercolors and acrylics, and presently encaustics which is painting with molten wax.  She has been blessed to be able to share her art by working as a Graphic Designer, Window Painting, and through Art Shows with the Edson Creative Arts Society.


Although Katherine continues to work for the local schools, her empty nest has allowed more time to focus on her artwork.  Encaustic Painting is her most recent passion.  Something about the volatile, yet seemingly elusive medium resonates in her core enabling a freedom in creativity never realized before.


She also loves music and incorporates Sign Language as part of her church’s worship music team, reading, and camping.


Erica Ilnicki

Linda Janish

Travis Johnson

Mors Kochanski

(November 10, 1940 – December 5, 2019) was a Canadian bushcraft and wilderness survival instructor, naturalist, and author. He acquired an international following and instructed for both military and civilians in Canada, the US, the UK and Sweden.  He is well known for saying, "The more you know, the less you carry". Mors died from peritoneal mesothelioma in 2019.

Brandy Kozak - Special K's Crafts

Glen Kauffman

Lana Kirtley - Lana Kirtley Photography

Bob Kjos

Pauline (Meunier) Kneteman


Originally from Montreal, Pauline is a retired teacher who has lived in Edson since 1995. Her preferred mediums are oil and pastel in modern abstract and nature themes. She has been creating art off and on for 45 years, with breaks for child rearing and working full time. Pauline enjoys exploring new media and methods, from private lessons in Montreal, to fine arts courses at the UofA and various workshops with renowned instructors. Her work is inspired by personal photos and ideas, nature, and travel. She also enjoys quilting, knitting, and stained glass.

Pauline has her painting of a farmer’s field for sale in the gift shop. All proceeds from the sale go to the Edson Creative Arts Society.

Chantal Lamoureux

Magen Layton

Shirley Lueck


Shirley has a long background in pottery, commencing in the 1960’s. Shirley’s many years of training have been by self initiative and through courses given by the Arts and Crafts Branch and the Recreation and Culture Branch in Edmonton, Alberta. She has had works shown in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, exhibitions in Edmonton and Calgary and in local exhibitions as well. Her extensive repertoire of pottery techniques gives her the advantage of producing an array of inspired pieces in rich, luxurious glazes.

Shirley has a variety of pottery for sale in the giftshop including bowls, butter dishes and handmade clay magnets.

Leanne Mainville

Michaelle Mainville

Susan ‘Grace’ Martin

Susan has been writing short stories, poems and news articles since the 1980s. Gravitated to the level of novel writer in 2013 after a friend’s death spurred her into utilizing the experiences she had as a result of moving to Canada and then returning to the UK. Now she has published two novels in the Ashes of Destruction Series, with a third in the planning stage based around her experiences as a state legislative staffer in Michigan, USA. In the interim, Susan also has a children’s story in the pipeline and is working on publishing that in the coming year.

Denny May

Deanna McClintock

Shari McDowell


Annette and Ian McGill - Strawberry Creek Pottery


Both Annette and Ian are avid potters, with Annette joining the Edson Craft Centre in 1981 and Ian in 1992.  They have enhanced their education in pottery by attending courses and workshops with Yvonne Lynch, Peggy Heere, Bill Satoris, Julia Rand and Robin Hopper.  They have formed a potter’s partnership, using the trade name of “Strawberry Creek Pottery”, which reflects the wheel thrown forms made by Ian and the artistic decorative skills of Annette.  Their jointly produced pottery forms vary from functional ware to decorative sculpture.

Strawberry Creek Pottery has eclectic pottery pieces for sale in the giftshop, including mushroom ‘bun warmers’, small dishes, bowls, magnets and more!


Giles Merriott


Giles is a freelance photographer based in Alberta, Canada. For over 25 years, photography has allowed him access to many different locations, venues, people, and personalities. Although he specializes in event and editorial photography, Giles always aims to capture the moment using a diverse range of photographic styles and tools. He hopes that his excitement for photography results in photographs that people enjoy as much as he enjoyed taking them.

Visit Giles’ site at

Giles’ images are printed on canvas and are for sale at the gift-shop.

Myrna Meyer Field

Shirley Mitchell

Jordan Munro - High Country Art

Mary Plante


Mary Plante is primarily an acrylic and encaustic artist, but is also interested in pastels. She has been creating art since 2002, initially using pencil, oil, and pastel. Inspired by the Group of Seven, she enjoys creating landscapes and native wildlife scenes. Art workshops and books have been her primary source of learning her art forms, and she is also a hobby crafter. She once received an award for her submission into an art show in Hinton, AB. Formerly from Marlboro, Mary now lives in Edson and is an active member of the Edson Creative Arts Society.

Mary has multiple painted wall art pieces for sale in the gift shop.

Bonnie Randall


Bonnie Randall is a Canadian novelist and storyteller who has a love for both the supernatural and for her home province, Alberta, where she sets the abundance of her fictional tales. Her first novel, Divinity & The Python, was inspired by a cold night in Edmonton when the exhaust lifting from the high rises downtown struck her as the buildings released their souls.

Copies of Divinity & The Python are for sale in the museum giftshop.

Phyllis Roberto

Catrina Schroeder - Monster Pottery and Things

Karen ‘Kit’ Shilka - Bear Lake Crafts

Karen ‘Kit’ Shilka is the artist behind Bear Lake Crafts. She has lived in Alberta most of her life and has lived in the Edson area with her family since 2007.

Karen is the daughter of two equally artistically talented parents; it wasn’t any surprise when, at a young age, Karen found all types of artistic mediums fascinating to work with.


Oil, acrylic, and watercolour paints have helped to shape the original creativity in Karen’s work in the past; she has added clay potting and sculpting to her repertoire of mediums to express her artistic side.

Each piece of Karen’s (Kit’s) collection is created from the heart, made to last and carefully hand crafted with original artwork; to bring whomever receives it much joy.

Cheryl Skoropad

Cindy Sutton


One of the Edson Creative Art Society’s newest members, Cindy has been painting for two years and already has developed a following. She began her creative journey with art journaling, then ventured into intuitive painting and abstract styles on paper and canvas. Online art classes have been her primary source of learning. Although she prefers acrylics and collage, she uses a wide variety of mediums, including; pastels, oil pastels, crayons, inks and watercolours, pens, pencils, stencils, to name a few. With inspiration drawn from everywhere . . . nature, patterns, people and structures, her whimsical abstract style and bold use of colour bring a fresh perspective to her subjects.

Cindy’s painting of the CNR Caboose is for sale in the gift shop. All proceeds from the sale go to the Edson Creative Arts Society.

Tracey Templeton

Brad and Krystal Tufin - Tumblin T Ranch -


Julie Van Ember

Julie told staff, "With a background in stained glass and fusing, I began melting glass over a torch in 2004.  The technical term is know as lampworking but it is also described as flameworking, beadmaking or torching. Lampworking is an ancient art form that flourished in Italy in the 1300s. The name originated due to the fact that the first glass beads were made by melting glass over oil lamps. Today, we use natural gas or propane/oxygen mix torches.

All of my lampwork pieces go right from the torch (Carlisle Mini CC) into a 965 degree kiln (Skutt GM10F) where they digitally cool down to anneal over a period of about 8 hours. This annealing process strengthens the glass after it’s been melted and manipulated in the flame of my torch. After returning to room temperature in the kiln, they are removed from the mandrel and meticulously cleaned with a diamond bit in an electric dremel.

I am a self representing artist (#V22), which means that I belong to a group of artists who proclaim that their work is in fact, made by themselves. All of my lampwork is crafted by me in my home studio. Each item is unique and embraces the charm of not looking mass produced.”

You can find Julie's artisan crafted glasswork online at:

Julie has many of her glass pieces for sale in the gift shop.

Margaret Velichko

Laura Vinson

Marlene VonGaza - Right Brain Released

Colleen Wanchaluk

Robert Wanyandie

Deb Weber

Deb has baled Christmas trees when just out of school in Invermere, BC. She has been a ferry operator and worked at Sundance Forest Industries in Edson. She was a telephone operator in the NWT (where she had a framing business as well, framing caribou tuftings, etc) and eventually worked at Alpac, Athabasca and Longview, WA as a graphics, animation and audio file producer. This once again grabbed at her creative side and eventually captured her interest in wax paintings (Encaustics). She is now retired and enjoys nothing more than spending her day just ‘mucking about’.

Many of Deb’s paintings and hand-painted cards are for sale in the gift shop.

Cheryl Whitesell - Mountain View Naturals -

Lisa Wilkinson


Lisa been a potter and member of the Edson Craft Centre since the year 2000. She favours functional and decorative pieces and likes to experiment with new firing techniques. As a wildlife biologist, Lisa likes to incorporate images of nature in her pottery.

Lisa has had pottery plates, figurines and dipsets for sale in the gift shop.

Vi (Violet) Williamson 

Willmore Wilderness Foundation