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The Archives is a resource for researchers, academics and members of the public.

The Edson and Area Archives' mandate is to acquire, preserve and make accessible records that reflect the political, social, and economic life of Edson and the surrounding area. The Archives contain items from individuals, families, businesses and organizations within the geographical limits of: east to Wildwood; west to Medicine Lodge; north to Shining Bank; and south to Mountain Park.


Records of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Letters and correspondence

  • Photographs

  • Municipal records

  • Home movies, films and videos

  • Sound recordings

  • Diaries, scrapbooks and journals

  • Sketchbooks/drawings

  • Corporate or organizational records

  • Maps and plans

  • Digital records


How do I donate my records?

Donations make the Edson and Area Archives the unique resource it is. We continue to welcome donations in line with our archives collection policy, however, a number of different criteria determines the acceptance of donations:

  • Be of historical value and enduring public interest

  • Be unique and not duplicate the records in existing holdings

  • Authenticity and integrity

  • Condition

  • Ability of the Archives to provide appropriate preservation and care of the


We also hold a collection of research and reference material.


To donate or access to the Edson and Area Archives, call 780-723-5696 or e-mail


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