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Child looking at a bear in the museum

School Programs

The Education Committee and Galloway staff have developed interactive ways for students to learn about the Edson area in a manner directly linked to individual grade curriculum. Our programs primarily target elementary students, although we have options for all ages.

Please be advised that each tour is unique and only certain programs include a guided tour through the entire museum, while others are focused on specific exhibits. All tours have educator program guides that provide a break-down of the tour, curriculum connections and classroom activities for before and after your visit.

The Galloway Station Museum takes special care to develop student-centered programming that is in line with the curriculum guidelines as laid out by Alberta Education.


Our tours are conducted in small groups and range from 90 to 120 minutes depending on student ages. This includes a craft and snack of a cookie and juice. Please inform us if there are any allergies in your group. 


Schools, scouts and girl guides, youth community organizations, and home school groups are eligible for school group admission rates and program options.


                              2019/20 School Programs

Field of Flowers

My First Museum Visit

Grades K-1 | 90 minutes

Let us make the students' first visit a fun time!

There is an emphasis on age-appropriate storytelling, hands-on exploration and craft. 

Enjoy a snack in the boardroom before departing.


Boat on a Lake

Then and Now

Grade 2 | 105 minutes

‘Then and Now’ will help your students understand what their community would have been like in the past and how it has changed over time.‘Then and Now’ is geared towards Grade Two students and is 105 minutes in length. Students will be introduced to the Galloway Station Museum and become engaged in a fun learning atmosphere. Tours will focus on a mix of hands-on exploration and captivating storytelling to keep young minds focused. We will start discussions regarding the differences between Edson life in the past, and now. Students will have the opportunity to handle some artifacts.

Enjoy a snack before departing.

Flowers on Wood

My Natural World

Grade 3 | 120 minutes

Ready to learn about wildlife in the Edson area? This tour is very hands-on! Handle real animal skulls and compare the differences. Match the animal prints, feel all the furs in our trapper’s cabin and become engaged in fun activities to understand animal life cycles.

Enjoy a snack before departing.

Historic photo of Edson and area

Natural Resources in the Edson Area

Grades 4-5 | 120 minutes

Edson is home to many natural resources such as oil and gas, agriculture, coal and lumber. These resources have played a major role in the development of Edson. Students will learn about these resources during a guided tour through our permanent exhibits. We will open discussions that examine how these resources have affected Edsonites over time. Our natural resource activity stations will reinforce what they have learned.

Enjoy a snack before departing.

Galloway Station model

Museum Mystery

Grade 6 | 120 minutes

You are deputized!

Late in the evening on March 16, 1914, the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway local payroll was STOLEN! Local police officer Inspector Raven is on the case and he has six suspects. But wait! Your good friend Staghound Jack - the local gravedigger and handyman - is on the suspect list! You’ve known Staghound for many years and you know he’s innocent. Your job is to catch the thief by solving the puzzles you will be given to prove that Staghound Jack is an innocent man.

Inspector Raven can’t do this alone, so he’s deputized you… now all you have to do is find the thief!

Participants must work together to answer riddles, match fingerprints and analyze handwriting samples.

Grizzly bear in the museum

General Tour

Grades P-12 | 90-120 minutes

Our general tour includes a brief overview of all exhibits in our museum. This tour is designed for everyone and will be modified for grade levels and time allowances. History will come alive as we explore differences between ‘then’ and ‘now’. If you would like to spend more time exploring a certain topic, please let us know in advance.

Enjoy a snack before departing.

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