Galloway Station Museum Research


All the information for the exhibits at the Galloway Station Museum have been researched (complete with sources), or are in the process of being researched and reports are updated when new information becomes available.

The origin of our research sources vary and include history books, accredited university papers, local archives, newspapers and local experts. All sources are cited in report footnotes.

If you have input regarding any of the Galloway Station Museum’s research or exhibits, please contact us at

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History of the

Edson Caboose


The Edson to

Grand Prairie Trail

History of

Policing in Edson

Lawkeepers and Law Breakers

Planting a Flag

in the Muskeg

Royalty in the


Mr. Poucher and  Edson's early years

British subject J Mellor Poucher lived in Edson during the early years and sent the Town of Edson a recording of his memories from that time. This video includes his memories and pictures of Edson from 1912 to late 1914.

The 'Baby Graves'