The Edson & District Historical Society is committed to preserving and displaying its collection in an innovative, engaging and comprehensive manner while relaying the compelling history of Edson and area to local residents and visitors.





















The collection contains items from individuals, families, businesses and organizations within the geographical limits of: east to Wildwood; west to Medicine Lodge; north to Shining Bank; and south to Mountain Park.








We acquire and possess objects that tell a big story or shine a light on all aspects of life in Edson and area.

The Galloway Station Museum receives, through donations or bequests, objects that reflect our heritage and environment. Objects in the collection range from a 1907 Caboose, a chicken guillotine, a teddy bear and many more in between!

The more information we have on an object, the more of a tale we have to tell. We want to hear your stories about how grandma crossed the flooded McLeod River grasping the teapot that she treasured, or of how your great uncle survived the brutally cold winter of 1916.

The more you tell us, the better!

All artifacts that come into the collection must be in good condition and be appropriate for the museum to care for and store. We must be selective about adding to the collection, as space is limited.

Please note: The Museum’s collections committee meets quarterly. Depending on when your information is received, it may take several months to reach a decision on your potential donation.

To donate or access to the Collection contact

780 725 5696 or e-mail  

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The Peerless Press was purchased in 1905 by Sydney H. Cliffe, with the intent of establishing a newspaper in Manitoba. He later transported the several hundred pound printer to Herbert, Saskatchewan and finally to Edson, Alberta in 1928. Here it was used to print the paper, The Jasper Edson Signal, where Cliffe was involved in its publication until his death in 1957. This antique press was donated to the Galloway Station Museum by Tom Caston in 2011.

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