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Eddie the Squirrel 

There have been various stories regarding the adoption of Edson’s beloved mascot, Eddie the Squirrel over the years, however, according to an Edson Leader story from September 1973, the wives of Edson Town Council members were the genesis of this community’s furry representative.

The ladies congregated over coffee one evening while their husbands were at a council meeting to brainstorm ways to promote Edson at an upcoming Alberta Urban Municipalities convention in Jasper.

As it happens, Mrs. Millie Crawford (wife of Mayor Dr. Jim Crawford) had been purchasing little pottery squirrels that Art and Frances Ciciarelli made from Edson clay for quite a while to use as gifts. It was decided that if Jasper could claim a bear for their mascot, Edson could claim a squirrel.
(We have heard the story that, to foster the friendly rivalry between Edson and Hinton, Mrs. Crawford said, “How about a squirrel because they think we’re all nuts anyway!” She was kidding, but everyone thought it was funny so they kept it. This was mentioned to Galloway staff by a relative, however it has not been verified.)

Ceramic Eddie
Eddie the Squirrel postcard

The Ciciarelli’s, with the help of the aforementioned ladies, councillors, their children and anyone else that could be roped into helping, created 400 painted and glazed squirrels for the AUM delegates. Among other promotional items, they also created badges with squirrels on them and wrote the town name on 100 pounds of peanuts for Edson Councillors to hand out wherever they went.

From the Edson Leader: Now while Edson’s Town Council members are involved with the serious business of Alberta’s urban problems, their wives will be busy as hostesses making darn sure that everyone who attends the convention will KNOW WHERE EDSON IS LOCATED the next time they are asked.

In 1980, a cement Eddie the Squirrel, designed by Trygve Seland, was installed and proudly welcomed travelers to the visitor centre in front of the Edson Chamber of Commerce office in RCMP Centennial Park for about 30 years.
In 2009, Eddie Sr. was given a well-earned retirement.


In 2011, in conjunction with the reopening of the Galloway Station Museum & Travel Centre, Eddie Jr. (designed by Skookum Creative Works) was unveiled in the center of the park, complete with a cast bronze spruce cone and a stylized airbrush paint job.

The inspiration for Eddie the Squirrel is a great story of a community coming together to promote the Town of Edson in a light-hearted, entertaining fashion.

In any incarnation, Eddie has always been a draw for travelers and locals, with thousands of people stopping in to pose with our large red squirrel.

Yellowhead Ram

Yellowhead Ram

The western slopes of the Rocky Mountains have been home to bighorn sheep (Ovis Canadenais) for thousands of years, and the Cadomin area has produced the biggest in the world. This monument is a tribute to the wildlife of this area and is dedicated to the organizations and individuals whose responsible stewardship has ensured and will continue to ensure the survival and growth of all our wilderness resources.

In memory of Vicky Low.

Lockheed T-33 Silver Star

Silver Star plane

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Through Diversity To The Stars

CT - 133 Silver Star

Dedicated as a memorial to the historical years of the Royal Canadian Air Force 1924-1968 it's members and affiliates

Dedicated Victoria Day, 19, May, 1986, in Edson, Alberta

By the Officers and Cadets 874 Tiger Moth Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Cadets

and Sponsors Edson Lions Club

Re-dedication of the CT133097

September 8, 2018

874 Tiger Moth Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Cadets

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