A look back at Edson and Area history by Ed Moore

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Mayor prognosticates another good year

Mayor Ivan Strang predicted that 1995 could be an encore performance of 1994. He noted that retail spaces were "pretty full" and highlighted the addition of the new Alberta Treasury Branch building, located downtown. He also noted that pipeline activity in the area was brisk.

High caliber terror

Tensions were high as five youths were taken hostage by a 12-year-old boy brandishing a loaded semi-automatic rifle. The incident took place in and around Jubilee Junior High School. The youth, described as a devil worshiper by three students, threatened to shoot students as he walked through a wooded area east of the school. The youth pointed the loaded gun at an RCMP officer before he was arrested without incident. The story was part of the largest selling Leader edition in the paper's recent memory.

Power to the people

Hundreds of angry Edsonites travelled to Entwistle to protest the proposed plan to gut surgical and other services at the Edson and District Healthcare Centre. The protest convinced members of the WestView Regional Health Authority board to rethink their plan.

City carnappers carry unexpected cargo to Edson

Evergreen Shell station attendant Tom Moore got a surprise when two frightened girls scampered out of a stolen vehicle saying they had been kidnapped. Thinking quickly, Moore hid the girls in the back room of the station and waited  The girls had been sleeping in the back seat of the car. Two Sherwood Park men were arrested.

Edson Leader, 1995

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