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7 Ways to Spend a Summer Day in Edson

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Looking for things to do in Edson this summer? This guide is for you!

Town of Edson sign

Although summer started off slow this year, we have been seeing non-stop sunshine and hot temperatures for the past few weeks. And let’s be honest, most of us Albertans are just not made for the heat!

Whether you are a local or a tourist, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to beat the heat in Edson and area.

1. Explore the Galloway Station Museum

grizzly bear and young boy
The Galloway Station Museum is located in the beautiful RCMP Centennial Park at a 223-55th Street.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the Galloway Station Museum! The museum has two sides that both offer a glimpse into the hardships of the early settlers who shaped this raw land into thriving communities.

The Galloway Station tells the story of Edson’s railway roots and the area’s epic folly of the Grand Trunk Pacific and the Canadian Northern’s race westward. The museum will take you back to the early days of the Coal Branch, chronicling the lives of miners who risked their lives to provide for their families. Our Natural World exhibit features two full-sized grizzly bears as well as other species native to the area. You can also visit our Main Street exhibit, which tells the story of WWII pilot Wop May, who landed in Edson in what is known as the first aerial police chase in Canadian history.

Following your tour, grab a complimentary cup of coffee or tea while you browse the Galloway gift shop! Not only does the gift shop feature museum merchandise, but it also includes the works of talented local artists from the area! Whether you’re looking for pottery, quilt works, jewelry, paintings, books, body products or more, there is something for everyone at the Galloway gift shop!

2. Splash in the Kinsmen Spray Park

young girl and boy at spray park
The Kinsmen Spray Park is located at 4740-7th Ave.

A great way to cool off in Edson is to take a trip to the Kinsmen Spray Park! This interactive outdoor feature has a lot of fun and unique structures for your kids to play in, such as a train slide, a roulette splash tower, animal-themed spray toys and much more!

There is also a dry outdoor playground on site along with washroom facilities, lounge chairs, picnic tables with sunshades, fire pits, outdoor exercise equipment and plenty of green space for your kids to run free!

3. Go for a summer swim at the Edson Leisure Centre

young boy in swimming pool
The Edson & District Leisure Centre is located at 1021-49th Street.

If the heat is getting to you, consider visiting the Edson Leisure Centre, which boasts a swimming pool that features a water slide, diving board and both shallow and deep end pools for swimmers of all ages. Be sure to soak in the hot tub to relieve those achy muscles before you go!

4. Sip on a cold drink from a local coffee shop

girl sipping bubble tea
Lucky Mart is located at 5016-2nd Ave and Cold Kettle is located at 4921-6th Ave.

Nothing beats a cold, refreshing drink on a hot day! Stop by Lucky Mart for a delicious bubble tea and meal to go! The store also specializes in Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Malaysian products that are not available anywhere else in Edson.

Edson’s newest bubble tea shop, Cold Kettle, is a home-based Bubble Tea Shop & Snack House with lots of variety and something for everyone to enjoy. They also offer a wide selection of snacks, breads, pastries, frozen food and even beauty products!

5. Hike, bike and the like at Willmore Park

woman on bike in forest
Willmore Park is located approximately 6 km south of Edson on Range Road 174.

Willmore Park is a great destination for hot summer days! Located just 6 kilometers outside of Edson, the park boasts 12.5 km of beautiful hiking trails that wind through old growth mixed-wood forests along the mighty McLeod River.

The Edson Bike Skills Park is Willmore’s newest feature, which contains a variety of natural and man-made elements. With jumps, pump tracks, ladder bridges, teeter totters and more, the bike park is a free, fun and safe place for cyclists of all ages to learn and hone their skills!

6. Canoe or kayak down the McLeod River

Three Men Riding Kayaks On Body Of Water
Photo by Spencer Gurley Films on Pexels.

Grab your canoe or kayak and go for a paddle down McLeod River! Make sure you arrange to have a vehicle ready to pick you up at the end of your float. Rapids are typically mild, but be sure to check the water conditions before you head out, as heavy rainfall can make for high water levels and harsh currents.

You can access the river from a few different locations, including Willmore Park, where there is a great launch site. If you are looking for a two to three-hour trip from this location, a great place to finish is beside the bridge off of Highway 16 east.

Rhapsody River Rides knows all the best locations for launching your canoe or kayak. They also offer a bus ride service for water sports as well as kayak and canoe rentals if you don’t have access to one yourself!

7. Visit the Edson Public Library

little girl browsing books in library
The Edson & District Public Library is located at 4726-8th Ave.

For those who prefer to beat the heat by avoiding it altogether, the Edson Public Library is the place for you! With air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and more than a few comfy places to sit back and hang out, a visit to the library will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. They have a large assortment of both fiction and non-fiction books, graphic novels, movies, audiobooks, access to computers, as well as lots of LEGO to spark your imagination.

On your way out, be sure to check out the donation table where you might just find an awesome book to take home and keep! And when you walk back outside with your nose stuck in a great new book, you might not even notice the heat!

How will you beat the heat in Edson this summer?

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