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Canada is home to a vast diversity of plants that have helped nourish people for thousands of years. This guide looks at the use of plants in Indigenous culture, as well as the European historic use of plant species. Learn how to use plants in everything from clothing to shelter, where to find them, how to identify poisonous plants and much more!


  • 448 pages
  • More than 530 colour photographs and 125 illustrations
  • Pictoral guide included


* Please note: This book is not intended as a 'how-to' guide for eating wild plants. No plant or plant extract should be consued unless you are certain of its identity and toxicity and of your personal potential for allergic reactions. Self-medication with herbal medicines is unwise, and wild foods should always be used with caution and expert advice.

Edible and Medicinal Plants of Canada

GST/HST Included
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