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Trapper's Cabin

Trapping is an industry that is firmly rooted in Alberta’s history. The Trapper’s Cabin gives an in-depth, hands-on look at the challenging life of a trapper in Alberta.

Lovett Trapper Hanson 001.jpg

Our cabin is built to the actual dimensions of many trapper's cabins of the time.


Trappers had to spend long, cold winters alone in a cabin of this size – you can see where the term ‘cabin fever’ comes from! 


The trap on the outside of the cabin (top hook) is called a foothold, which traps larger animals. 

The trap on the bottom hook is called a conibear and is an 'instant-kill' trap used on smaller animals, such as coyote and beaver. 

The wide variety of pelts on display gives you an idea of how many different types of animals were trapped during this time!

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